An Organic Education

Camp Perri’s priority is to seek out the interests of each child and incorporate them into their day in a way that encourages both fun and accomplishment. Children are treated to a daily dose of nature-inspired lessons designed to introduce and develop early literacy, math, motor and social skills. Small group settings provide a unique opportunity for the student-leader relationship to flourish and create an intimate and stimulating environment for enrichment. Instruction is explicit and intentional, but mindful of the moment when learning happens organically. A cozy setting and reassuring routine encourage our young learners to explore, discover and achieve in the comfort of their own imagination.


At Camp Perri, we believe that all things are best when well-balanced. I’ve taken the theories of Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf and tried to find a perfect mixture of all three learning methods. While imaginative, and creative play are encouraged, we also find that it is important to teach children structured learning to prepare them for the upcoming school years. The rotating schedule and exposure to all things science, art, music, academic and iimaginative, really help to prepare your children for their future in a well-rounded atmosphere.